For Professor Daniels

I have attempted to map all of my blog posts to their respective weeks and assignments. There have been posts that I started out of interest well before a related assignment was given, and ended up deciding to link them. This list of posts gives a good idea of how I’ve intended for the assignments and posts to correlate.

Blog Post 1 – About This Blog
Week 1:  Introductory post about the purpose of the blog.

Blog Post 2 – How did food get so complicated?
Week 1:  Your choice.

Blog Post 3 – Positives and (Double) Negatives
Week 2: Your choice.

Blog Post 4 – “Health Halos”
Week 2: Unsure

Blog Post 5 – Health Halos: Fighting Back
Week 2: Unsure

Blog Post 6 – “Adjacent to this Complete Breakfast”
Week 3: Your choice.

Blog Post 7 – I Love
Week 3: Examine and praise another food blog.

Blog Post 8 – Satiating my Curiosity
Week 3: Explain two possible plans for conducting your own research.

Blog Post 9 – The French Paradox
Week 4: Your choice.

Blog Post 10 – Who Built the Food Pyramids?
Week 4: Explore the history of something relating to your topic.

Blog Post 11 – The “skinny” on weight
Week 5: Your choice.

Blog Post 12 – Melt off fat with these five easy steps!
Week 5: Explain to your readers to be careful about what they read on the Internet.

Blog Post 13 – Cookie Monster
Week 7: Your choice

Blog Post 14 – Research Results 1
Week 7: Results from research project 1